Use PPSSPP to Play PSP Games

Download PPSSPP on your android phone and launch the app. The app comes with tons of customization options and added features to improve your gaming experience. All you need to do is tap on “Settings” and you will see all the available options. The options include Graphics, Audio, Controls, Networking and System. You can customize these options as you may please.

To find your added ISO file, tap on “Games” tab and from there, tap on the folder in which you added the ISO file. Once inside, all you need to do is tap on the game and it will load how to download and play psp games .


The PSP buttons will be displayed right on the screen and the touch screen will not work while playing a game. You can only interact with the game using these displayed buttons. There is an extra button which you will not find in the original PSP, “fast forward” button (with a side ways triangle on it). You can use this button to increase speed of your game, handy for games where you have to wait too much or speed up a slow game.


Your phone’s “Back” button will work as a menu button while playing a game. You can press it any time to access main menu. In the main menu, you can change game settings and also save the game state. This game “Save state” option is different from normal “Save” option of any PSP game. It will save the game in any state it is (even if battling a Boss!), unlike normal save option where you have to reach specific area to save.

Tip: If a game is working a bit slower for you, then you can also tweak “Graphics” and “System” to speed it up. Here is an extensive guide on tweaking PPSSPP settings to gain maximum performance.

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